I would like to offer my 2cents as someone, who for the past 8 years has "dirtbagged" all over the east coast, and who is now in utah, getting **** together to move to the pacific northwest. I voluntarily took a major paycut in Rhode Island to follow a dream of working in the wilderness, having a ton of free time to search for waves and mountains. That dream came true last February when I started a job as a Wilderness Field Instructor, working Bi Weekly, raking in just enough cash to get a full tank of gas and travel to southern california, canyonlands, and northern utah chasing snowstorms, flash floods, and sometimes even waves.

Dreams never end. Yesterday I voluntarily took a layoff at my dream job. Why? because I want to see more. I want to make it possible for others to have a chance at the lifestyle I have been living for the past year, here in the high desert. I gave up my spot at a thriving company so they could offer a chance to someone else. I am ready to follow my next dream of exploring remote coastlines in the northwest of our country, and hopefully further north.

PJB don't sell yourself short if its taking away from dreams. Money and the Normal life will always be an issue. I have had major breakdowns thinking I'm going backwards in life, making less money with every job I take, building a resume that looks like an uneducated dirtbag took a dump in his van and put it on paper. And in the end, I think, well I have way more stories and have seen way more then a lot of my old friends with their 9-5 jobs and hefty mortgages.

Life has been good to me, and I consider myself lucky to have a supportive girlfriend with little needs, who is willing to live frugally to make simple things possible. I hope to some day settle down, but until then the road awaits.