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  1. I would like to offer my 2cents as someone, who for the past 8 years has "dirtbagged" all over the east coast, and who is now in utah, getting **** together to move to the pacific northwest. I voluntarily took a major paycut in Rhode Island to follow a dream of working in the wilderness, having a ton of free time to search for waves and mountains. That dream came true last February when I started a job as a Wilderness Field Instructor, working Bi Weekly, raking in just enough cash to get a full tank of gas and travel to southern california, canyonlands, and northern utah chasing snowstorms, flash floods, and sometimes even waves.

    Dreams never end. Yesterday I voluntarily took a layoff at my dream job. Why? because I want to see more. I want to make it possible for others to have a chance at the lifestyle I have been living for the past year, here in the high desert. I gave up my spot at a thriving company so they could offer a chance to someone else. I am ready to follow my next dream of exploring remote coastlines in the northwest of our country, and hopefully further north.

    PJB don't sell yourself short if its taking away from dreams. Money and the Normal life will always be an issue. I have had major breakdowns thinking I'm going backwards in life, making less money with every job I take, building a resume that looks like an uneducated dirtbag took a dump in his van and put it on paper. And in the end, I think, well I have way more stories and have seen way more then a lot of my old friends with their 9-5 jobs and hefty mortgages.

    Life has been good to me, and I consider myself lucky to have a supportive girlfriend with little needs, who is willing to live frugally to make simple things possible. I hope to some day settle down, but until then the road awaits.

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    And remember guys, nothing is more attractive to a female than a wandering vagabond.

    Sorry PJB, somebody lied to you.

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    Woah this thread is replicating like wet Gremlins eating fried chickens they shott themselves and after 9pm. Def seems like a must-read. Have to get after it maybe later tonight after this PM sesh and a visit to the family. Can't wait to see what this sick thread has to offer since PB&J gave birth to it.

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    I can tell I must not be happy with life when I realize that I'm checking out used camper-vans on Craigslist again.

    Count me in, this spring, we ride west!

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    PJB, just so there's no misunderstanding when one of the boys hollers to you from the window of the Partridge Family bus while you're reliving yourself on the side of some road off the Canadian coast:

    bear - noun, plural bears ( especially collectively ) bear, adjective, verb, beared, bear•ing.
    Any of the plantigrade, carnivorous or omnivorous mammals of the family Ursidae, having massive bodies, coarse heavy fur, relatively short limbs, and almost rudimentary tails.

    bear - verb, bore or ( Archaic ) bare; borne or born; bear•ing.
    verb (used with object)
    To hold up; support: to bear the weight of the roof. To produce by natural growth: a tree that bears fruit. To suffer; endure; undergo: to bear the blame.

    bare - adjective, bar•er, bar•est, verb, bared, bar•ing.
    Without covering or clothing; naked; nude: bare legs.

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    As I sit here watching the Tampa Bay Lightning pondering my full moon snapper trip tomorrow night, all I can say is you guys are a trip.

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    Dude you where coddled and read Paddington Bear as a child so you have the option to pursue what you want because you where fortunate enough to have that lifestyle others not so much. I grew up with 4 siblings and parents who went through Bankruptcy, had to put myself through college so yeah to some of us money and hard work does matter. I go to PR every winter for the last 30 years because that what I could afford.. Love PR Wilderness.. do I want to surf Uluwatu sure and someday I will Hang loose bro and enjoy the ride !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post

    Classic memories are not made working 9-5's and having a family.
    I dig your vibe, bro, and I agree with much of the sentiment. In fact, I did pretty much what you're proposing when I was in my late 20's. Dropped out, cruised and surfed and hitchhiked from Cuba to Tierra del Fuego. I eventually came home and had a family. And the memories I've made since are just as classic. Probably more so. No, definitely more so.

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    One more note - rather than posting here looking for people to set off with, just go, bro. Just go solo, go alone, and go now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkegLegs View Post
    Maybe the average of 6 post a day is more of an indicator of where you are at in your life, than your family situation or abysmal summer of waves we just had. Luckily you'll fade away like the rest of them come December.
    Yo, who the truck are you talking aboot? Hey, if my life sucked so bad I'd look for sympathy from you guys. I just love sympathy.

    And Skeglegs don't worry aboot how much me or Spicoli, or SUP or anyone else posts. Some people have thoughts in their heads....some don't. Kind of like Almond Joy's have nuts but Mounds don't. What the F do you care how many times somebody posts. Keeping track of internet posters would actually be an indicator of a sad life.

    You know a lot of youse may take cheap shots at the more, what's that word Kahuna Kai.......ummm, yeah, Verbose posters on here. But most of you guys wouldn't reveal an intimate detail aboot your own lives on here.....not even as an anonymous internet guy.

    So to those who don't -- shut the f up and get some testicles.

    To those that do.......Kudos, that makes this site and life more interesting

    And Skeglegs, I don't fade away. I've been pushed away from here but I keep fighting to get back. Oh what, you think I'll fade away in December because of the cold?? Is that it? Yeah, dude, you must not pay attention because I'm a cold weather freak.

    And this summer wasn't absymall......I keep hearing this from Jon Coen types and SI fools. This summer was F'ing an AVERAGE FING SUMMER FOR THE EAST COAST OF AMERICA. Unless my spot happened to be magical. Shoot even ARchy said in late July that he had been surfing 3-4 days a week. Hurricanes don't define a summer season, fools.

    And thanks 757 for the support. But no one's tearing me apart. Actually, only PJ4060 has criticized me(as of now, I've still got a couple pages to catch up on). Yeah, MIS-13 has but that's his role on this site. And people like Skeglegs are insignificant jokes.

    And Singer Island Surfer Dude.....I've been liking you more and more for the past two months. Keep up the good work.