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I also plan on gracefully bowing out of human procreation.
Yeah, I never had kids. Never wanted to. Too much responsibility, too many people on this planet already. If family life is really what you want, that's one thing, go for it. But too many sheeple just do it because......monkey see/monkey do. And a few years down the road, when they're working 50+ hrs/week, mortgaged to their eyeballs to pay for the addition on the new McMansion, and the pool they don't even have time to use, no free time to do anything, let alone surf, I can see it in their eyes that maybe they wish they'd thought about what they didn't want in their lives. That's how it worked for me, by thinking about what I didn't want, I wound up with what I did want, which was freedom from the rat race.

I did have a house and a spouse; still have the modest, paid-for house. Didn't take up sponging until I was about 52 but at least now I have the freedom to hit the surf when there is some to hit.

I like a roof over my head, and at 57, I guess I'm a bit old for a cross-continent surfing road trip, but those of you who want it and are young enough to enjoy it should go for it. I'll tell you one thing, the older you get, the faster time goes by.