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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    thinking other people think your thoughts, you are waaaaaay to unique for mass production, so no one thinks like you, so dont imagine they do

    for isntance, you imagined kids talking about flo the insurance lady. she sucks and no one should pay her any mind, ideally she will not become a pop cultural icon, imagining other people see her as such strikes me as odd
    Dude, I was being sarcastic aboot in, we had the crying Indian and all they got is Flo. You know, like these generations have nothing of substance.

    And actually, Flo is a very nice girl so there's no need to demean her on a surf predictin' website. Her ladyparts are fresh and inviting.

    And I'm cognizant that people don't think like me. I'm more aware of it day-after-day. Yeah, I hold no delusions aboot that. None at all. Why do you think I want to wander across the forest with bears or bares?

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    Sorry man I just don't see that as easy. I see it as sucking big time. That you don't see as such is romantically cool. If you come out from the other side of that ****, Thats romantically cool. if you don't, well thats tragic but still romantic.

    I don't think Kerouck was all that great either but i like him too. i actuallly dig Kesey and Thompson much better.

    You say that you don't want kids and that sort of life. I say i don't want the life you've lived, But i would read a book about yours. I would. Mine would be kinda like Marley and me. I saw the movie on TV but i wouldn't of read the book.

    The thing is you never had the experience of having a family of your own but say that its the wrong way to go.
    I've done both, the road thing and the family thing, and i can honestly say both are great. everything isn't all apple pie and vanilla ice cream with either one. both get tough when funds run low. but most times everything all right

    Loved ones get sick, sometimes severly so, but there are times that i get the same feeling of content that i do from from surfing and that balances things out. sometimes the two combine and enhance each other. getting home after an after work surf to your wife and children laughing and sitting down to a home cooked meal with them is pretty special. i wouldn't trade that for anything.

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    haha. true. you gotta do a little extra work and the man doesn't do your dirty work up there. plus, it's f***ing freezing after November. tax me, please.
    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Ever had to go to the P.O. to get your mail daily? Paid for your trash removal? Had to get your septic tank in your front yard pumped out? Had said septic tank overflow and/or have water table flooding so you have Lake Schittperior for a front yard? You pay out the azz for every last thing so it evens out for the most part. It's all a wash. Municipalities can be a benefit and a hindrance to your life.

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    PJB, your list of destinations sounds like an addict's tour of the East coast, please check out latin america and europe, you will do yourself a huge favor

    and I get it, settling and the establishment and mortgae and white picket finces are all kinda lame in a way, family is not, however.

    We are put on this earth to make functional relationships with other humans, that's what I think the meaning of life is, I reckon I'm wrong, but that's what the fungus told me once during an insane Tweezer during summer tour back in the day
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    Quote Originally Posted by salt View Post
    haha. true. you gotta do a little extra work and the man doesn't do your dirty work up there. plus, it's f***ing freezing after November. tax me, please.
    wouldnt it be great if you could have your setup and I could have mine? but unfortunately its not exactly as easy to choose the gvt you want, its not like burger king, I cant get it 'my way'

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    I was wondering to myself today.."What's ole PJB up to , haven't heard from the Dali Lama of SI in a spell"...and WOW!

    GO bro! Chief Piercing Eyes once told me (yes I have lived with the natives and partaken in their sacraments) to be like his animal totem -the squirrel. "Just jump. Another branch will appear." If I had not lived a wandering, some times hedonistic, sometimes altruistic, sometimes just flopping around life for a decade, I would not be here today eating habanero beef jerky and communing and commiserating with my surf brethren ( and sisteren) on this here forum. I would not have been married for all these years and been able to have stable relationships. Pay homage to the wunderlust that resides within. And send pics. Definitely send pics. Godspeed.

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    Maybe the average of 6 post a day is more of an indicator of where you are at in your life, than your family situation or abysmal summer of waves we just had. Luckily you'll fade away like the rest of them come December.

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    I'm just happy there are still dudes left in this world like you PBJ.

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    "Every man has a right to decide his own destiny,
    And in this judgement, there is no partiality"

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    can i ask why you guys are tearing PJB apart?? we're all humans. to each their own. The only way to understand anything in life to find it out for your self anyway. PJB, I agree with you 100% about complaining about life. Even though i may have family problems, i still have family that loves and supports me. i am healthy, i am able to surf, and have access to freshwater, safe food, and and shelter. that's all i need. thank you to everyone who supports me and to those who supports others who are in need. if no else says it PJB, thank you. we love having you on the forum.