I am always checking new boards out online and imagining my next stick. I frequent the Lost site and saw they have a different take on a volume calculator.


It recommends more volume than I am used to riding. I have a lost motivator that holds about 35 or 36 liters and that is so floaty for me but good when it's summer or really small. This is the same volume the calculator says I shuold be riding for my short board.

So, I am looking to get a board in between my all out small wave board and my head high+ barrel board and am thinking of a weirdo ripper or something similar, Roberts diamond maybe. I didn't know if I should keep my volume somewhat close to 35 or 36 and hope the rocker and thinner rails will do the trick to fit me into the waves or if I should go lower to like 32 or 33 as the CI calculator says for the weirdo ... I have also checked the firewire calculator and it is too broad.

Really what is your opinion on this calculator and others. I don't see a common number for any of these.