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    Looking for a new set of fins for my new flyer, and not sure really what is the best fit for me. I've been surfing for little over 10 years now but never really tried different fins. Looking for something with a lot of drive but loose off the top. Normally like to surf down south in the OBX but live in Virginia Beach. I am a medium size build 5'9 165 lbs. Any info on these two fins would be awesome.

    Do you have a local fin test center? My local shop carries about 10 futures models and 8 FCS models. Thats in OCMD. finattic may be good idea. 9.99 a month and you can try whatever you want. one set of fins would almost cover a years worth of subscription.

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    You guys seem to be going off the assumption he has futures boxes. The AM3 would be the smallest for FCS.
    Quote Originally Posted by fins369 View Post
    The AM2 are way too big of a fin for you.
    He's have to be a midget for this to be true. The AM2 is smaller than the AM, which was on every CI board for years. It's also got less area than both of the K fins.