I was reading a post fromsome kooks about a picture from bethany beach when I had to throw in my 2 sense. Here it is. I think the little kids just needed some schooling. //////////// Those who bodyboard, have fun. Those who surf, still have fun. Those who longboard, shortboard, ride fishes, bodyboards (dk-standup-prone), paddleboard, bodysurf, kayak, outriggers and whatever else there is to do are to be considered WATERMEN. I have seen videos of Slater and Dorian bodyboarding, bodysurfing, surfing longboard-sponges, closet doors? The bottom lines is if you are still fighting over being a bodyboarder or a surfer, you are just ten steps further behind from ever being considered water men. Check out Laird, Takayama, Dorian. These guys know how to standup-paddle, they know the essential flex of a sponge, they know how to bodysurf pipeline better then any of us on a any type of board. Word is, get a quiver and stop following the trend of a "PRO" magazine. Magazines DO NOT SHOW YOU watermen. They show you ONLY what THE INDUSTRY WANTS TO SELL YOU...and that is radical boards and very expensive clothes. ROACH-surfs! Maligs-surfs! Ever heard of a guy named C-buck...Freaking incredible watermen. Lil Jordy has pulled a sponge into the biggest Southside tubes I have ever seen and surfed point breaks on a hollow wooden fish that he shaped wih his bare hands. My quote for the year is, "Every toy in your quiver is a chance to get another wave. A chance to get another wave will require you to look further then the sticker on the back of your car!" Happy waves to all!