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    Quote Originally Posted by macgregorsmith View Post
    That guy is definitely ripping, and he makes it look fun. But 99% of the time I cant stand watching the finless F*ckers crouching down the line. They go pretty damn fast and that's cool. But the finless dudes I've met always seem like they think they are better than the rest of us because they don't use fins. Simply not true, d@mn hippies.
    I would like to try an asym, but not around here on the east coast because its not often enough that we get good enough waves to have a really long ride to figure out the subtle differences. Imho
    Agreed that dude was ripping, check out some of the stand up boogs like Chris Taloa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agabinet View Post
    Here is a vid of a guy on an asymmetric. I don't know if this is what you would call ripping . . .
    I don't "rip" because I am not good enough . . . I just try to make a few turns on a wave. And I don't have enough varied experience to do detailed board comparisons . . . I bought my asymmetric board because it looks cool and sounded like a neat concept. My experience with it in Rhody is that it is fast down the line, and turns nicely front and back side. Is it a better ride for me than my symmetric fish? Not that I can detect, but I am only a middling surfer. I would never tell people "oh you gotta have one, they are the bomb," but I like mine because of the novelty factor and I can surf no worse on it than on my other boards in the right conditions. I am not sure I would like a really flat fish in Jersey beach breaks when they jack up fast and then close out . . .i remember lots of short boards at Belmar, Spring lake picking off the inside breaks. But for crumbly waves like we often get at some of the Rhody beaches a fish is a nice alternative to a longboard.
    Hats off to that dude for riding that jalopy without hurting himself but there has to be someone out there that can sell the asym thing with more than just talk and vague ideas. Where is Tom Curren when we need him? He was legendary for riding bizarre junk well and made them all look great without a sales pitch. Got everybody on a fish in the '90s didn't he?

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    I've been reading this thread and really enjoying it. B Snyder I like your designs they are very cool. The concept about biometrics and the shape of the board is very unique. Your air brush Einstein is also very clean and looks awesome.

    Since some of you guys got onto finless talk. I'm keen to hear more as I've always admired Derek Hynd and his performance with the finless stuff. I think he's blended finless with asymmetric design.

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    I too respect Derek. I've met him. Super cool guy.
    Fin-less is OK to me. To each his own.
    To me, fin-less is more squatting & sliding than surfing.
    Watch someone surf one of those old Hot-curl boards from the 30's & 40's.
    Much of the same style.
    They called it "sliding ass" back then.
    Nothing feels better than taking all that speed and just laying it on rail.
    Fins required.