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Thread: Ear Problems?

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    Ear Problems?

    Since the winter is just around the corner, ive been thinking about finding earplugs since I get horrible pain in my ears in the winter time has anyone used these out in the lineup? If so could anybody give me a good brand to look at?

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    I'd be interested as well. Didn't get the bad pains, but I did experience ringing in my ears after more than a few sessions last winter. Someone on the this forum had recommended that I start using ear plugs.

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    I am feeling now a days swear problem in my ear, like due to winters, some how swelling in right ear and pain.. Any recommendations..
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    I have a pair of fancy "docs" these are the ones that are a hard piece that fits into your ear, I find that they are not that good when you get hit by a wave etc. I just use cheap silicone ones instead (Target has 12-packs of clear ones for like $3.50) sometimes. I find they help a lot with wind/cold as well as keeping water out

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    UGHHH! :(
    I have no problem with Doc's pro plugs. They seem to be hit or miss for some people's ear shapes. I've had some bad, ragdoll, washing machine wipeouts and they didn't pop out

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    I use the "Doc's proplugs"...there come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all ear types haha. They work well, and have tiny pin holes to allow some sound to get through but not water, in the winter with the hood on the feel fine. Protects from wind and water (obviously) and you can get the ones with the string so if they come off you don't lose 'em. Weren't too expensive if I recall correctly..maybe $18 at the surf shop.. I think they come in colors now but mine are clear.. hope this helps!

    edit: after reading the other replies, I wanted to note that the plugs never came out on me when I wipeout... the surf shops usually carry a sizing chart for them so you can really pinpoint what size you need.
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    i have some serious ear issues that have come on over the past few years due to many years of winter surfing. i bought the docs pro plugs a couple years back after a bad ear infection while not wearing a hood during a cold day early spring. i think they are ok, at best. for me they would pop out here and there after a wipeout. the last thing you feel like doing after a wipeout when you are trying to duckdive to get back out to the lineup is putting those things back in. i used them for a couple months and just found that they didnt have a great fit. i searched around quite a bit and ended up just buying these.
    they are relatively cheap and seem to do the trick. they have a string attached as well in case you lose them. ive only lost them in the water a couple of times and was able to find them almost immediately.
    theres another pair made my macs as well and these look pretty promising. i might give these a go....
    but in the winter when i have a hood on, i dont use any earplugs. my hood seems to keep out most of the water and the wind.

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    zoggs earplugs. $4.13 a pair. the more you buy the cheaper they get. ive only lost one pair and that was on a blown out 6ft day getting tossed on a closeout. i was starting to feel extremely dizzy from vertigo like symptoms and ever since i started using plugs, it has almost stopped. still get ringing in my ears from time to time but not nearly as much. also have holes in the ear to hear as well

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    After having the surfer's ear surgery, I used the regular wax plugs from the pharmacy for a couple winters. They worked pretty well. I'd alternate ears though, because I seriously hated not being able to hear at all, especially on bigger days. Now I don't use them at all anymore. I don't surf cold water quite as much as I did when I was younger, so I'm hoping my ear doesn't close back up.

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    The vented Docs. If they are sized correctly they will not fall out, especially if you are wearing a hood anyway in winter. Plus you can hear through them.
    The last thing you want is to have your ears drilled someday.