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MIS, akaPM,

1. You cannot pick and choose texts from the Bible and ignore the complete historical, social, literary and grammatical contexts, as well of the overall narrative flow. This has been done, with many horrible results, such as cults with tragic ends (ref. Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc). I don't know why you would resort to the same. This holds true for any document. For example, our founding fathers did not say we are entitled to "life, liberty & happiness" as some might interpret. See the difference and folly of leaving out "the pursuit of"? (although some believe that the govt should provide such). You get the idea. So it would be wise to understand the context before pulling out verses that you may not understand or how they are framed and asserting your own meaning. This is dangerous for the Christian and unbeliever alike.
2. What the Bible reports it does not necessarily endorse. The old testament is "R" rated. Heinous things are going down. Judges is brutal. This is more about the evil that men do and the result of selfish & "bad" decisions and actions.
3. That treatise about Satan w/ scripture quotes has errors. I needn't shoot down every point, but for one, Satan has requested worship and even asked Christ to worship him. No doubt Satan looks appealing, he's joined this costume party in a devious way, as it is even written that he "masquerades himself as an angel of light"
4. For the believer, the bottom line is that we see God through Christ, peerless, and on his merits, and thus good. Additionally, the big game changer is Christ's resurrection, without which the believer is the biggest fool in the line up. So that is where the pinnacle question is. We can possibly tout his unique moral teachings, his counter cultural methods, etc., but at the end of the day, one either believes that He died for sin and rose from the dead or he did not.

Unfortunately there have been many poor representatives, doctrines, and institutions that obfuscate this simple point. And I appreciate the opinions and validity of those who have a problem with some of the things done under the guise of Christianity. Terrible things. And hanna's statement "i know many Christians - literally hundreds of them - and have never met one who even slightly resembled the spirit or manifested the qualities of Jesus as described in biblical literature. not even one. " needs to be taken to heart by anyone who claims to be a believer. But there are also good things that have been done, and I believe the genuine and sincere exists. However, for this pilgrim, the foundation is the reality of the risen Christ. I'm not expecting everyone to buy that, however, that is the focus in the midst of the noise. Hopefully with a focus on Christ the virtues and qualities of Jesus will manifest.

Now, hopefully well get some off shores with this swell event heading our way.

Peace & good day, gentlemen.
CCdog is one solid dude. I'd paddle out with this braddah any day if he'd have me in the lineup. He walks the walk, judges not, and hides under no veil.

See you at the break this weekend CCdog! Swell for all round here the next two days.