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    Floating Dry Dock / Moving Surf Break

    So I was looking at the wave charts and thinking "oh wow, there's lots of waves out in the middle of the ocean"... and then I remembered there's such a thing as a floating dry-dock.

    My idea was, what if you sail one of these bad boys out to wherever the waves are, point it in the optimal direction, and fill the ballast tanks/sink it so the interior of the dock becomes a temporary reef at whatever the ideal depth is for the waves at that moment? (i.e. 4-6 feet or whatever).

    You'd need a pretty wide one to get a very good ride though... I dunno, what else could you use for a temporary mobile surf break that could go wherever the waves are?

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    Nothing to make the waves break, they would pass right underneath.

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    you would have to build up a solid structure all the way to the sea floor to get the waves to break. Anyone want to charge some oil platforms?