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    Should I be Bothered....

    I get to the break late, with GF in tow, thrilled to see uncrowded leftover swell. The fin screw & plate are missing from the single fin. 'No biggie,'I thought. 'I'll run to the surf shop and pick one up.' I roll $20 into my suit sleeve and run to the shop.

    I get to the shop, and after waiting 15 minutes, the guy tells me that they only have the screws - no plates. I'm persistent, and he says 'I'll bring you to the back and we can take a look.'

    I wait around another ten minutes while he talks to his coworker about something totally unrelated. Finally he rummages through some garbage-looking boxes and says 'yeah we don't have it.'

    There's at least 5/6 rental boards sitting in the rack that have the same fin hardware. So I ask the guy if I can borrow one of the plates; I tell him I'll pay for it and bring it back, I tell him I'll leave the $20 as deposit and bring it back, I practically beg him- and he says "That's not gonna happen." Then he tries to rent me a board!!

    Should I be bothered? Because I was very f*cking angry.
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