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how often do you go to that shop? was it the owner or just a lazy kid?
It wasn't the owner... but it wasn't a kid either. I don't go there often, mostly for small stuff; wax, leashes, etc... but I don't think you should have to drop a grand at a surf shop to get better than Walmart treatment.

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... they didn't want to lose the potential revenue of a rental to take care of some kook who didn't check his equipment before heading to the beach/keep his equipment in working order.

you shouldn't be angry at the shop, you should be angry w/ yourself.
You make it seem like I need to prepare as if I was backpacking the JMT to the top of Mt. Whitney, BASE jumping from the peak, and para-sailing over 23+ Mavs before bomb dropping into the face. It's the GF's board and I hadn't taken it out in a while, and we were surfing small EC beachbreak.

Plus... that screw is probably rolling around somewhere in the 3-Series. Hahaha LOLZ!!!

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How the f do they not have the complete screw/plate kit being a surf shop is beyond me. I am going to go ahead and assume that they did have it but just didn't want to be there to save the day...
Exactly. I understand they don't want to miss a rental, I felt that he just didn't give much of a sh*t. It felt cold man... it felt cold.

The owner has hooked me up with some freebie Q-cell before, and he seems like a good dude... hence me not going nuclear/naming the shop. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

And yes, of course I rode it finless.... damn that was harder than I expected. I kept sliding out of the face, it felt like being on a snowboard without bindings. Awesome day and awesome weekend anyway.