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    ya, thats no good, paddling out with a black and mild. That would piss me off too.

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    I love all the trash the tourists leave in the parking lots down at the beach as well. I work right by the beach, so I see all sorts of people leaving stuff everywhere possible (even two feet from a trash can). I'd have to say my biggest complaint about tourists is their knack for getting as close to you as possible (especially just towards the shore from you) so they can see the surfer and ask them all kinds of great questions (is that a surfboard?) and of course be in your take off spot when a set finally rolls in...

    You're right about it being tourist season now. The beach access by where I work was already full by 8:30 this morning.

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    Throw a Jelly Ball at em, or tell them to be watchful of stingrays that have been passing through the areas often(knock on wood). It is too damn funny to see how non experience ocean lovers look at the water once you tell them that. Your probably doing businesses around the area a favor, since they are spooked to go in the water, they will roast on the beach and have to load up on beverages at the local convience mart or hotel to keep cool. Then top it off with, " I would be careful not to leave trash behind, there is large fine for it now" saying, to really add some pressure on em. Then as you walk away, say, " Just looking out for you folks and makin sure your stay is enjoyable"
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    I like the, "Watch out for jellyfish guys, they've been floating through here lately," line myself. Or, as you are walking past them ask another surfer, a little louder than necessary, "seen any sharks out today?"

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    Funny thing was one time I was out at the Washout at Folly, some guy comes up next to us swimming in about chest deep water, and asked, " Hey what is that, like a stick or a little snake or something?" I wasn't real sure, so I told him to investigate further....He walked up , grabbed it and it withered away like clay in his hand. We look down the beach a little and heard some guy telling his kids ( as he was looking very paranoid all around),it was ok to use the bathroom in the water since there was no bathrooms around. Then the yelling began,, "Turds in the lineup!", needless to say, that added on to the murky brown water of Charleston and a new found respect for portolets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WB/PIRATE Surfer View Post
    When its breaking in like 4 foot of water and its chest high thats prolly one of the funnest waves to surf. Really good walls on the wave a some fun barrels. But my board is epoxy so they dont breack as easy.
    Boards that don't breack easy are nice

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    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.
    Quote Originally Posted by adowcett View Post
    Boards that don't breack easy are nice
    dude i think you spelled "break" wrong.
    TURDS IN THE LINEUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    adowcett, dont get on forums at school, the computer guy would be pissed at you....