you know what really grinds my gears,photographers.if there was ever a lamer excuse to make money,please enlighten me.i have much respect for photographers like zak noyle,chris bukhard,matt lusk,matt clark but these nondescript low budget little rich kids who feel the need to upload every picture they ever took to the world wide internet,then cry when someone reposts their pictures.people take pictures,its no sport,no hobby,no nothing.u see something nice u want to capture it.iv been taking photos for well over 20 years,i had pictures used in magazines(not surf mags),seen my pics on other peoples photo blogs,and that doesnt bother me.if someone likes one of pictures,feel free to keep it for upload a pic and put some stupid copyright in the middle,then try to charge people for your photos,its like trying to sell my old cig butts out the ashtray.i remember the days u had to get your film developed.every year to this day i bought the newest best high megapixel camera.i have over 30 cameras getting dusted in the attic that are no longer any use to me.over the years i stopped sharing my photos.i have pics of legends that passed over the years,that their own families dont know about.if i was a little lazy loser,maybe id sell a few flix,but i like to keep them in my own private photo albums and work a real job like real men do.

next id like to speak about pro surfing and the online hype that goes with it.most of my favorite pros been off the tour for nearly a decade.i appreciate the young guns like jjf,but i hate the hype that everyone gives him.he doesnt go around like yea im the best,fuk the rest,he surfs because he loves to surf,and thats why hes so damn good.i watched the new world tour roundtable on surfline,and its pretty funny,pretty much the kelly and mick show.mick asks the king all these silly questions and looks on in amazement.mick,dingo,and parko 3 of the best that ever came out of cooly.also funny about the wt roundtable,its 2 floridians vs 2 coolys.mick will win his 3rd world title at pipeline.that is aalll.....feel free to let the world know what really grinds your gearz