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    trolling- I think not, you asked for input.......but here is a pic or two, I don't have many because I am not a narcissist and I experience life instead of documenting it

    Attachment 9312Attachment 9313

    Those are great pictures man!

    And I actually technically didn't ask for anything...I deleted my post and then you felt the need to link my video in an attempt to publicly immortalize me. Constructive criticism, however, is different from callow, wanton bashing.

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    Listen crybaby, SS missed the party, so I helped keep it going by providing the link, chin up, take your medicine and welcome.

    next vid, honestly, use your own score or dig (way) deeper into the annals of punk and find something real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdub17 View Post
    Again: Any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is welcome
    Video constructive criticism:
    Do: shoot video of people surfing
    Don't: attach a camera to the nose of your board and point it at yourself.

    Bonus paddling constructive criticism:
    Don't paddle the way the guy is paddling at 2:50
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdub17 View Post
    I believed that this place was a forum for positive, constructive criticism - that's why I posted it. Didn't realize there would be rude comments on it
    dude what in your right mind would make you think that i hope you were joking right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zagaffer View Post
    always point the go pro so that others can see the action. Here's the best use of a go pro i've seen since those kids bungie jumped/swing lined off that cliff at the grand canyon.

    best use of a go pro ever
    this guy from el salvador had his smart phone stolen and this how he went looking for it


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    that is soooooo good!'

    from the source:
    The guy in the photo is not the one who got robbed.

    Some guy was robbed and the phone was configured to upload all the photos to Dropbox, the thieves didn't care enough to disable GPS or the mobile data. When the owner of the phone was going to block all the accounts in the phone he noticed that there were new photos from his phone on his Dropbox account, then he published them on social networks relating what happened.

    It took a few hours for it to become a witch hunt, in two days people fund out their names, their Facebook profiles, the thief's workplace, etc ...

    The guy from the photo is someone who followed everything in social networks, yesterday he made an invitation through Twitter to go and arrest the thief at his wokplace since the police refused to/couldn't do anything.

    Source: I'm from El Salvador, this thing has been all over Facebook this week.

    so in El Salvador you can just walk around with an assault rifle in full combat gear and arrest people yourself? That's more American than America. Enjoy the taste of freedom, brothers.

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    I like to watch from the shore like all my favorite surf videos.