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    How many sessions do you get a year?

    Ideally I'd paddle out 3x's a week in overhead surf in just a full suit but that just ain't happening. Been keeping a surf log the past few years. Set a goal each year for number of sessions but it gets tough with flat summers and freezing winters.

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    I probably surfing about 15-20 "real swells" a year in Nj, excluding the summer logging and what not

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    I like that you have a surf log too and am interested to what details you record. If you count getting in the water for at least 30 minutes and trying to score any waves possible at all costs, I have over 150+ since early February. Some days have been multiple sessions of an hour or more each. Some days it's been fighting to get 10 pop-ups and 2-3 second bottom turn-less rides in 60 minutes on less than 1ft summer EC mush. Other sessions have been 3-4 hours in El Salvador and SoCal, as well as Rhodey, Maine, Mass and NH when they've been clean walls of good size or even bombing. Not a bad tally in 9 months and it's been necessary to prioritize surfing quite highly to make that happen. Been privileged each day I've been out there.

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    we can surf almost every day in norcal. Summer is always overcast, kinda cold and somewhat onshore. It can get relatively small and weak, but still usually rideable.

    Winter gets cold but stays sunny. Air and water, both, usually hover around the upper 40s, but the waves are chest high every day and get horribly big and thick every couple of weeks. I get about 50 sessions a year...and that's with working full time.

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    UGHHH! :(
    I keep a surf log too. I record location and conditions, tide, the names of storms that produced the waves I rode. Any good rides, any cool fish or surfer's names that I meet and get along with. I have no idea how many entries a year though, that's not as important to me. This winter was mostly used to clean mold out of my grandfather's house in Mantoloking. :-( so this year has less sessions.
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    I can't count 'em...don't keep a log, just go when it's possible...

    Amped though, because I'm about to up my sesh count...moving within 15 miles of the ocean at the beginning of the year!!!

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    From mid September thru March (November thru April this time around) we get 3 days a week on average that is either rideable or quality chest to overhead swell. Usually we get one hour of real good surf per three day swell event, the rest is hampered by darkness, winds and crowds. From April to early June we get one or two days of knee to chest high stuff each week. Mid June to September is travel time. Flat as a pancake. Today is chest to head high and blown out, but later at high tide it could have potential to build and focus near the jettys. Typical November. Glad it finally arrived. Blessed to still be able to surf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisurfdogg View Post
    ....Blessed to still be able to surf.
    ...So true.

    Generally, it's been 3 days/week over the course of the past year (my first) - as conditions, work and family responsibilities dictate. It's easier for me to get out during the week - early morning, lunchtime, or after work. Going back to Standard Time has limited the duration of after-work sessions.
    As mentioned before, I work on base at Dam Neck, which is right on the beach. I'm a lucky man. Sometimes I'm able to get in several sessions in a day. I really admire you guys who have the have the persistence, motivation, desire, heart - call it stoke - to keep at it while having to travel hours to get to the nearest break.

    I mark on a calendar the days I go out, water & air temps, board used, when I switched to a different wetsuit as the seasons change, and if anything else particularly noteworthy occurred. I don't keep graphs & charts to analyze all this, but I do compare air & water temps over the year, when I change to a different wetsuit and go to or put away booties, hood, & gloves. In a similar manner, I had kept track of my running and workouts over the years; so this is a carryover from that.

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    a realistic goal I've reached is 150+ days a year,but usually health problems get it closer to 125 days a year.getting older has medical factors.

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    I was keeping a surf log until my wife found it floatin and flushed it, damn her!