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Hardcore....or just young and dumb. lol Maybe they enjoy being miserable. lol

Air temps are more of a determining factor this time of year. This site says(when you look at the forecast page in upper right hand corner) you should be wearing a 3/2 this morning. Air temp was in the 20s with water temp in the upper 50s. Good luck in a 3/2 in those type of conditions.

I'm fine wearing a 3/2 in August. So how exactly that would keep me warm now is beyond me. Forget 4/3. It's full winter suit time now. There's also a lot of "macho stupidity" when people start giving wetsuit information/advice. I've seen people shivering with signs of hypothermia saying their warm. Just saying. Don't really get how being freezing and having your teeth shatter makes somebody hardcore. It's just miserable. Also, there's a big difference in personal tolerance to cold. No one size fits all. It's amazing the horrible advice that's given at surf shops in new england about wetsuit thickness.

This cold snap is certainly going to pull us into 4/3 weather I believe...but keep in mind that the water has been uncharacteristically warm this fall.

I was warm surfing late October this year in just a 3/2!