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    CR Trip Looking for some pointers

    I know, Another thread about the same stuff...but Looking to go to CR in either May or late summer such as August or september. Anyone have any input on how the weather is in May? I know its the rainy season but is it torrential down pours or just the occasional shower? Any advice would be great.


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    It can be torrential and / or showers and / or both. But it will rain, fo' sho'. Can also rain all night, heavily. No telling. And it moves in fast.
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    But always hot .. . Cloud cover can cool It a bit in rainy season.

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    The north part won't be rainy and is way drier in general...playa grande tamarindo etc. Jaco and South are pretty rainy and starting to get very rainy at that time.

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    Just got back from a trip in October and it rained a couple of times so hard I worried about a flash flood, but the year before was the driest season on record....don't know if it runs in cycles?