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    I hate those wave machines where you don't move anywhere. The best waves machines are the ones that create a REAL wave like they have down in disney world I think.

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    big deal. i have one of these in my house. it's fun for about 20 minutes and then it just gets old. i can't even imagine waiting in line. that must really suck!

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    its funny how everyone is bagging on this.. they need to make one thats a combo of typhoon lagoon and the wave garden.. thats it!! I'm writing a letter!!!

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    Poopy... wavegarden 2.0 looks like its getting a better push... I really want to see the next step with artificial waves. Ever since I surfed a bay during Sandy I have been having dreams where I can surf in bays off of marshgrass and crazy stuff. I want to see kelly's wave machine go into testing phase and put this "wave machine" out to dry.

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    Why if there is so much pent up demand for a "real" artificial wave, something a little bigger than wave garden 2.0 (i.e., get it from waist to a solid chest/head high), doesn't it happen with all the technology we have at our disposal?

    Frankly, I would prefer the ocean any day of the week, but us EC surfers can't always count on the swell being there ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franyfingers View Post

    What you guys think????

    Guys fly in from all over the US this week to try it out.
    Is that you??? The first guy?

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    definitely leaves something to be desired. Granted, a typical ocean wave is an under 10 sec ride, but all the contributing factors make it superior to this endless indoor wave.

    An indoor standing wave would be good for learning airs and perfecting cutbacks, etc, but at the detriment of paddling and all the other many factors that come into play in ocean surfing...including acclimation to winter ocean temps. If this pool is all you had (or even the majority of your surfing), you'd be kooking in the real world/ocean

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    Anybody who really surfs should be careful of that thing. It could really mess up your surfing by creating bad habits like stalling from the tail to avoid being shot over the back. Ride that thing one day and hit the real ocean the next and it could end up being a frustrating session. I would ride it if it was me and a couple of friends, I would never stand in line and pay money for that.

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    Now that would be awesome!

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    Now this is awesome!