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    bigger wave board

    hey im looking for a new board im 5'8 and 185 im looking to ride this one in bigger waves what size do you think i should go with any advice would be great ive been surfing for 11 years so im pretty good at it im looking at ci surfboards if that helps any

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    How big?

    Size does matter.

    How big are we talking? That will determine the size of the board, as well as the shape. Are you looking to surf head high East Coast waves..North Shore, HI in December or out of the country? What kind of board(s) do you have now? Do you surf beachbreak? Jetty? Point break? Travel a lot?

    If you're looking to stay on the East Coast, you can get the typical 3-4 board EC quiver. I cut down on my boards to stick with non-traditional surfcraft like kneeboards and bodyboards, but when I was surfing standup I had a longboard, a fat fishy (my favorite, I am a fish freak LOL), a good quality shortboard, and a step up board around 7'4.

    Channel Islands makes good boards, but sometimes your best bet is working with a shaper firsthand who can give you exactly what you're looking for.