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    I did some Non Surf Travel last week end.

    Flew to the azz crack of Bama and back(and boy are my arms tired, nyuk nyuk).

    Took my Geiger counter. On the tarmac it was reading 8 - 12 mREMs. That's what I've gotten at home and at Surry Nuclear Power. When we got up to cruising altitude it was 255 mREMS. The flights weren't long, ORF to ATL to PNS. Basically get up, get down. Are flights that are longer, up higher? If so, that can't be good for the frequent flyer.

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    Do you ever just wake up and not think about nuclear waste, govt conspiracies, the "man" watching you or any other crap? It's got to be exhausting. I assume you don't only talk about it on a surfing chat room. Is this what you talk about all day every day?

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    Radiation levels constantly change, do the same flight again and the levels will be different. likely frequent fliers (or people who go on lots of surf trips) have higher levels built up over time however it might not correlate to higher incidences of cancer, a study should be done, spearhead the operation chich

    and dont mind NYNJ, he is a gvt troll-shill

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    NYNJ wishes all he had to worry about was radiation. there's all thos New Jersans and New Yucker poisoning the air, water, and attitudes.
    I did it twice. going down it only got up to 175.

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    It has to do with where you are and how high you are:

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    yeah, I read an article trying to explain why some pilots and crew have been passing, freaking out, or getting sic. Seems 80 percent of radiation from bombs and such, stay up there.

    My counter is from USSR and was sold with it in the sieverts mode. .04 uSv is 12 mREMs.
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