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Thread: 2 board quiver

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    you need whatever njshredmachine has brahhhhh hes da man

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    5 fin rocket fish and high performance thruster... bada bing bada boom... Throw a longboard in their and I'm set for life.

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    It's all about the wombat. 6'0", 20", 2.5"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattyb View Post
    I primarily use a custom from a shaper working under the guys at Essence Surf (NJ shapers) that's an exact copy of the hypto krypto 5-10 version. I was able to ride a friends hypto and just loved it. But couldn't afford 650$ for my own at that time. I ride my custom copy of it, all the time when the waves are good. Last Monday there were some fast hollow barrels that my old 6-3 dagger would have been better, but the krypto copy handled pretty great. My mush board is a 5-8 Walden fish with fcs tri fin set up. Its like a skateboard, loose and very easy to cruise on mushy waves. If I had a ton of dough (I don't- I'm a writer) I would buy the Hayden shapes shred sled or a chemistry wide 6. (I love boards with more volume for paddling and loose turns). Blah, blah, I used those two boards all this year and had fun. At 34 im not punting airs, I just enjoy speeding down face and try and make nice turns. Those two boards have helped me rediscover my mojo. (stopped surfing for almost 8 years while in the united states marine corps, and started back up in 2011.) Good luck with your next purchase, can't go wrong with a hypto krypto
    Can't agree more with Mattyb---hypto and SS a great combo...rode this set up for two years and only had issues at 2' OH in winter. If you have the money I would suggest both boards (also, from Global these boards run for around $750 or so--only a $100 more for an OTR CI)...recently ordered another shred sled--can't wait!

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    MattyB i actually have a 5'7'' chemistry wide 6 at the moment. It's super fun in everything from waist to head high. Anything under waist is too weak cause the boards only 2 1/4 and i weigh 160 so the board drags a little too much if i'm able to catch anything in the first place. Anything over head it gets a little too loose. I love it but i might be selling it soon cause i'm looking for something that i can ride more often