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    LBI during the winter see's some crowd's at the top breaks for sure. I'd say about 100 guys spread out across the island for a big winter day.

    As for Jersey as a whole... I'd say it must be about 1,500-2,500

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    In Maine there is probably 1 surfer per 100mi of coastline

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    I'd say on ANY'd be lucky to have more than 1000, true year round surfers. A lot of people hang it up in the winter, or cross train for the winter in the summer.

    But again whats the definition? I'd put is as people who legitimately surf say at least once a week (this is by yearly average cause sometimes its just flat.) Not just guys who pop up once or twice a winter season. Or the guys who hang in the parking lots socializing but never actually surf, that doesnt count either no matter what stories you tell.

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    Very Cool. I appreciate all the thought you guys put in. I started out my argument with my friend saying it was "the yellow V.W. syndrome"...we surf/ it seems really crowded so therefore everybody in N.J. surfs! I myself figured with 7million ppl. in Jersey there might be 50,000 total surfers with 10% being year round (forgot to add that in my original post..sorry.) But I'm begining to agree with alot of your logic and say even less
    than 5,000. There really aren't that many "standout spots" (in Mon.Co. I'm thinking Loch Arbor/ Manasquan Inlet/ one or two in SeaGirt/SpringLake/ The L-Jetty/ The Pump House...and that's about 10miles right there.
    Just something to pass the time while waiting for The Triple Crown to get started back up again!
    Either way.....I'm movin' to freakin' Maine!!!
    Thanx again all....2013 is almost over!! Rejoice!!! Aloha!

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    the cold thins out the nj surfers, and if you are as nuts as we are you surf at least a handful of times a month,every month,go out in subpar conditions even when it's cold.surfers surf a lot,and the cold crap doesn't stop us,we're crazy addicted

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    Monmouth probably sees 15 surfers per mile of beach in winter, based on my years at Belmar, Spring Lake.