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Thread: Hopi Prophesy

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    Hopi Prophesy

    or just a natural occurrence. 5 million birds dead

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    This link was in the comments under the article:
    We are so f*cked in so many ways. I was considering a relocation to somewhere on the pacific, now, not so much. An entire oceans' worth of food ruined for millions of years. I believe the effects will reach much further than the Pacific rim though. I don't think this planet will be very inhabitable within the next 100-200 years.

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    I think God kept me from ever going back to Costa Rica. In 05 I was offer 4 hectors for $10,000, a house, and a powerful man was building me a technical school in Santa Terresa. After the last time there, everything fell into place with in weeks of returning, and now I'm a Bidniz man, doing my own thing in the land of no waves.

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    wouldn't let me view past a minute om you tube. kept buffering. maybe here is better

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    I bought this in Feb. used it earlier this month on a flight to Bammy.

  6. It really is a shame how little is covered on this. Local news would rather tell you about celebrities and house fires than actual useful fact. The real problem is Humans being unable to handle real situations, facing problems and taking care of it. It is unbelieveable how easy it to feel great about humanity and the world when you refuse to face real problems.

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    It's not being reported because Corps like TEPCO own everything. In one of these vids it is told what the acceptable level of radiation is around Nuc dump sites. In Japan that's now the acceptable level in food.