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    wtf should i do with my life?

    im in a tornado of torrent watching the ground way below me as i spiral out of control.. so i've dropped out of college after half a semester. i decided i was sick of going to school. now sit at home on my lazy a$$ all day waiting for my hand to heal so i can get a job but I'm debating to back to school. I'm thinking about going to community college in the san diego area which would be cool and i have a couple of friends that live out there and they said i can move in with them. also I'm thinking about possibly joining the coasties or navy. but the issue with that is that i wanna be able to surf as much as i can. what do i bruddahs??

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    That's quite a pickle how did u hurt your hand?

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    How old r u? plus it all depends on what your interests are and where u live
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    My dad has been in the air force for 27 years and is a master Sargent and said that it was one of the best decisions he had ever made

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    Go back to school... Or if you are passionate about joining the military than go for that.
    Don't just settle for a job to get by. You will regret it eventually.

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    I completely agree. Do what you love and do it often

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    Quote Originally Posted by livesurfish View Post
    How old r u? plus it all depends on what your interests are and where u live
    broke the scaffoid bone skateboarding and I'm 20. i live in south jerz now but if i did join the navy or cg i would defintly try to be stationed away from here like cali or oregon or somewhere with actual waves.

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    I here ya don't worrie though you'll figure it out

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    What didn't you like about school?

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    You're true job at 20 should be shagging as much as possible, do that and good fortune will follow, so long as you wrap that thing up and don't get too reckless with your seed

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