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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    I'm not one to gossip aboot stuff, but Spicoli has decided, for the time being at least, that this site blows and is not helping him to become a better surfer. He also has decided that this site has become too labor intensive, and he doesn't have the time for it anymore. Also, the multiple character conspiracy isn't any fun when directed at him.....too much to handle.........

    I've said in a polite respectful way. But I figured people would be axing eventually so there it is.......

    So, you guys may have lost a crowd favorite........I feel bad aboot it. But, he can thank AO for that. Though, seems to be a case of dishing it out, but not being able to take it. I mean who cares if someone says you're someone else. Happened to me 50 times. Don't bother me none.
    That's all it took??? Why the fck didn't I think of it 8 months ago.

    I do like the Mr. Swellinfo is all of the members on this site theory (except you PJB). Kind of makes my brain hurt thinking about how hard it would be to portray so many personalities. But, he gets to kick back and write whatever he wishes and drive the ad revenue up. Create enough loons, buy a beach house and click away waiting for high tide. Wait...that means I don't exist either........(poof!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    Well I'm screwed. Can trace my family back to England and we are minor royalty.
    Oh man. That explains a lot, just kidding. Nothing worse than the British. Talk about enslaving practically every nation. Now, everything British is in over here. If I hear another American say "Cheers", I'll have to puke in their trousers. Hopefully, the ****ing fat queen doesn't bite the bullet or William/Kate have another child. I almost drank myself to death with all that media coverage when who really gives a crap. They may be the most unattractive ethnicity but they sure can cook (oh wait).

    Ok. Now everybody don't get all offended. I didn't say anything about Italians, mexican and puerto ricans. What is the difference between them, oh nevermind.

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    +1 On the English contingent. Biggest sc*mbags in history.

    However.... some of you may find this statistic interesting:
    Of all European Women, British Have the Largest Breasts

    Royal Master Pumpington, if you're not too busy in the Abbey today, perhaps you could find the time to post some pictures of Mrs. Pumpington, or of the little Ms.? Then we could shed some light on this subject, your highness.

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    Jesus fukking Christ....some sad,sad fukkers.

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