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    C. Bon(n)er bridge

    in case you'ze guys missed it, the c. bonner bridge is shut down for your own safety, so you can piss off the idea of going to pee (pea) island to score any waves. Sweet, huh?

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    Good! Keeps it more exclusive to SENC!

    I wonder how wickedly expensive gas is going to get there

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    Wow! Did not see that one coming at all!

    That bridge has only exceded it's engineered lifespan by twenty years. Besides driving on it, don't anchor below or you'll get hit by chunks of falling concrete.

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    My buddy fishes with a diver that inspects the pilings. he said a lot are not attached to the bottom. just "floaters".
    I'm told the out going bridge of OBX towards Va is closed

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    it is chich. only one side is open. its a hassle

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    how do Yankees get to the southern gold that is Buxton then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    how do Yankees get to the southern gold that is Buxton then?
    Via emergency ferry from Stumpy Point to Rodanthe. Much longer journey no matter how you slice it. At least it's not summer so it has a less severe financial impact on the local residents. Still that bridge situation has dragged on way too long. Friggin' SELC and DoW!

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    nothing to joke about

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    will the emergency ferry transfer tourists and other visitors? like people who want to bring in supplies or spend money on rentals? I am not joking, the isolation of a remote area is no joke

    what about people who commute to work elsewhere?

    this seems like a sh!tshow

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    There has been plenty of time to repair or rebuild since the barge ran into it last century. but since the rich can fly in no one does crap. Can you say "Red State"?