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    70 reasons why I hate snow.

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    Here's a feel good goat story of the year, for you who think I'm too negative.

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    Finally, this guy finds his forgotten stash. I think he's starving. click the cc button for translation.

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    here's another funny goat one. a little more cynical....

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    Didn't watch it. I can do without seeing some poor animal minding it own business, trying to survive in a harsh environment, only to have some goober blast his azz from a mile away. NOW if, in this vid, the gun blows up, blinds the "hunter", and the goat rams him off the cliff, I'm all in.

    But I'd bet that doesn't happen.

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    People in the US have become too self-involved and stupid to drive in the snow. The practice needs to be banned now! Now I say, now! If we can make motorcycle riders wear helmets because we all have to pay for their medical bills why the he11 do we let everyday dumb fvcks drive in the snow.

    When they eventually wreck, and they will, they get out of their car and walk away from the carnage without thinking to look for 15 ton semi's sliding toward them. Check out the group of 3 peeps just hanging in the road whilst tons of metal are sliding their way.

    I kid....kinda. It'll never happen so, come on Darwin, help make sure there are fewer dummies on the social security band wagon when it's my time to collect.

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    Some may not agree with the act but...that's some mighty fine shootin skillz there.

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    I don't have a youtube account so I couldn't verify my age...but like a weirdo I read all the comments. Hopefully they went and got the goat and hauled the meat out of wherever they were.

    ***Oh yeah, snow...we got a few inches yesterday and it was great to be out there w/ my dog, he was friggin pumped to play in our first snow of the season.

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    hey seldom seen,what kind of dog is that??

    I enjoyed snow as a kid,now im grumpy because I drive a piece of shyt car and I have to travel far to work,and my job only closes if its a state of get snow days,wish I got snow days doggy loves the snow and it cheers me up to see someone enjoying it.i wouldn't mind the snow if I didn't have to drive in it everyday and could just go snowboarding and sledding down some big hills.

    heres a fun snow tale from my youth.i was waiting for my buddy to go sledding with and he was taking too long so I went by myself down a steep 90ft incline.everything was good til I got to the bottom and slammed headfirst backwards into a buried metal shopping cart that was buried in the snow and didn't budge an inch.i cracked my head open and tore a few ligaments above my leg still doesn't work right.i must of hit that cart doing 30mph atleast.and too make matters so much better,i had to climb back up the hill and walk 2 miles to my home,and after that I didn't walk for 2 weeks.dont know how ligaments work but I don't think they healed right,all I took was motrin

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    In the WISN 12 vid Chich provided, you first see the folks goin' along nice and slow, maintaining a safe distance between vehicles. That's good.
    But then come the morons, zipping along like it's a sunny day slamming into them. What gets me is that even during and after the many pileups and all the vehicles scattered to hell and beyond, there are yet more morons trying to zip through the mess, as well the assortment of sh*theads just standing around in the highway while out of control vehicles, including big rigs, skid towards and all around them. The snow isn't the problem, its the people.