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....another house crafted by dudes who looked suspiciously foreign. That house had problems within two years.
Yes... the work done by day laborers is frequently inferior to that of true blue collar craftsmen, whether they be Polish, or American, or Mexican. Dudes like Doug Jerz are getting shafted today, and that comes from the top down.

I guarantee that most of the devoted kool-aid drinkin' Merikans on here have hired undocumenteds. Well, thanks for contributing to the problem. Straighten your tie, look at your shaved face in the mirror, smile, and pull the f*ckin trigger.

My Uncle made it back alive from Vietnam and remained proud of his nation despite the violent hell he experienced. For decades thereafter he was a talented and driven mason who hasn't ever hired an undocumented immigrant for even one hour... He insisted on hiring American citizens and paid them fifteen dollars an hour, without experience, just to haul wheelbarrows.

The man lives by his word, and continues to give to his country and community to this day, without much in return. Oh wait... he got something in return:

Parkinson's disease, from Agent Orange.

There is no settlement, there is no caretakers, no lawyers, no lawsuit; just the overcrowded and underfunded attempts at treatment by the VA hospital.

So, faithful Southerners, believers in the American dream, haters of the freeloading masses, and welfare queens.... what say you of this? Where is our great nation?

P.S.; I went surfing today.