What an awesome Spring! Definitely one of the best that I can remember.

I guess we can all mind sponge March, April and May now while we're waiting for the tropics to start waking up. I always feel guilty when I say that I want some tropical activity. I'd like some swell, but I'd like the storms to occur without loss of life or property.

Did anybody go out while that little groundswell was around? It was making for some lil shorebreak at one of the spots I go to....it was fun.

I was out for a few hours over the weekend - got to the beach around 600, the lifeguards showed up at 900 and didn't say anything about us being there so we stayed because we were having fun. I was kind of shocked, though, because there were little rips opening up all along the shore when the longer period swell came through and they didn't say anything about the kids splashing in the water. That and the fact that the water was 62 degrees and the kids were in nothing but bathing suits. Maybe I was being an alarmist, but the whole thing made me nervous for the kids. Yet another reason why I have to leave before the beach people and the lifeguards arrive, no matter how fun it is out there!