I am 27 and a complete beginner to surfing, never surfed before (However I am a snowboarder, used to skateboard and also know how to wake-board, not sure how these skills would carry over to surfing though).

I really want to learn how to surf, and what better place than Hawaii right? I am planning my trip for Jan 17-26 and so far from I can gather on these forums I would pretty much drown on the north side, however the south side swells are pretty much flat?

So my question is, which Island/beach would you recommend?

Also, I would love to hire a private instructor maybe even a guide to show me around a bit. I was thinking of getting a local to teach me for a few days instead of using one of the schools, would that be a good idea? As my nickname suggests I am a complete noob and would hate to be that idiot that has never surfed before paddling out on a short board to look cool and getting his ass handed to him. Any suggestions/recommendations?

Any advice is appreciated

Also, don't know if that matters but I'm travelling solo (you try to convince a buddy to fly half way across the world with 4 weeks notice haha).