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    Quote Originally Posted by Southsidesurfer View Post
    Hello Community,<br />I'm looking to get a new board for the summer waves in OCNJ (on the south side) and was wondering if I should choose a specific shaper. I'm looking into Wynn, Heritage, and maybe just getting an off-the-rack Bing Dharma or something like that. I'm 5'4\", 100ish pounds, and I have a 5'10\" Tuflite Flyer (if you needed to know that). I'm open to ANY suggestions on shaper or dims or even the right board!<br />'ppreciate the help
    5'4" @ 100 lbs... Jesus u gotta eat some more Red meat son

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattyb View Post
    Just check out essence surf. Their boards are works of art aesthetically
    Meh... I wouldn't go that far.

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    check out Dan Callaghan DCal surfboards. hes just out of atlantic city. I picked one up from him over the summer and i absolutely love it. ask him about the pinecone model. cant go wrong with that board for the east coast. its my go to. give yourself at least two months between ordering and getting the board. you can also check him out on FB at Shed Creep. solid dude too.

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    go with Wynn - best custom shapes ive ever had

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    solid suggestions have been mentioned! here are some more.

    i have a kevin rider shape that i love as well as a chris chaize shape too, my go to boards. local shaper is the way to go 100%

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    Wow thanks for the help! Now I just have to pick... all those guys seem good, just have to talk to heritage. Thanks for the help!

  7. Hey, Southsidesurfer thanks for keeping it local--a lot of great names have been mentioned here and you should choose based on references and who you get the best vibe from. Send out some emails and let everyone know what you're looking for.

    I don't usually ship boards, but if you're within a reasonable distance from me, I'd be more than happy to bring it down for you.

    Good luck with your decision!

    Oh and thanks for the props fellas!