Look behind most major drug ring/corner in Baltimore and I'm sure if you scratch deep enough there's probably some NY linkage.

Dude, no one was picking off ATF and other police from the projects in Baltimore. They kill a cop(especially federal) and their operation is done. They'll become target number one, and they'll lose.

Dude, Philly is exactly like you describe except it's larger and exists in greater areas. Camden, Philly and Baltimore streets are indistinguishable. They all look the same. Philly just has more of it.

Crime stats reports are complete BS. You can find them things that has Desert Springs, Ca listed worse than Baltimore. You can find stats that rate Atlantic City more dangerous than Detroit or New Orleans. They're friggin bunk. Plus, Philly learned to under-report a long time ago.

Like Camden always beats Baltimore in the worst city thing. Philly's not even in the top ten. I'd much rather be stuck walking around in Camden than in Philly. Yeah Camden's 100% ghetto, but you can get out of any of it's neighborhoods in five or six blocks.....

Hey the Barksdales got their packages from Philly and New York.

You seem much proud of the Baltimore drug markets. I dig it, but no where compares to North Philly. Not even today, and it ain't even as crazy like it was in the 80's and 90's.

Of course they're out trapping on Christmas, junkies don't take holidays off. Any good corner is 24/7...365. And they love the snow cause the police never bother anybody when there's a foot of snow on the ground.