Early AM a not long ago. It was the first time this winter that I was fully suited, being 4/3, booties, gloves and detachable hood. It was so nightly dark and I was alone on a overhead morning. That's about when I saw the most beautiful black mountain closing in on me, so I scratched with all my might for deeper water. For me it was the best wave I've seen all year. As it started to crest I had that choice, to duck dive or spin 180 and go for it. I couldn't let it go I had to try. It didn't even take a heartbeat until the realization of my late timing. Slam down I go. Not sure what everybody else does underwater. I myself go into fetal position, knees to the chest to protect my belly from underwater objects knocking the wind out, hands around skull. This is how I stay until I feel the leash pull on my foot. Then I will spread arms, legs out like a sea anchor until the pull stops. Then I will often open me eyes and swim towards the light. This is when things got interesting, there was no light! It was to early for any light. I was in dark water not knowing what was up or what was down. Just relax I've got on my 4/3 and I'll just float on up. Wow it's taking to long. I can't even fell the air with gloves on. I was lost and need to breath bad. I couldn't hold it any longer exhaled!! I inhaled expecting water. No water or air was found? What happened? Detachable hood pulled over my face, flopping around on the surface blind and lame but alive. ..