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    5 minutes for the Planet - Feb 1st

    On Feb 1st we turn off ALL LIGHTS from 19:55 till 20:00!
    Take action against climate change: let's please all turn off the lights so that all decision makers realise something is up.

    L'Alliance pour la Planète (a group of environment movements) appeals to all People: Please give our planet a 5 minutes' break.

    Everybody is requested to Please turn off their lights on the 1st of February from 19:55 to 20:00.

    Just Local time, like a wave across the Planet from East to West

    It's not so much about saving the energy, but about letting citizens,media and political decision makers focus on the energy that's being wasted and the urgency to take action!

    A five minute break for our planet: it doesn't take all that long and costs nothing, but it points out to politicians that climate change is an important subject in the political debate.

    Why February 1st? Because on that day, in Paris, the UN climate change report will be publicized.

    We need to take this opportunity to focus on the urgency of our planet's climate crisis.
    If all of us as conderned individuals take part, this action will make an impact on media and politics!

    The Power of One can change the world, but as a collective we can make a greater impact

    More importantly, spread the word - use your voices, your blogs, your forums, and your emails

    Take action - raise awareness

    Please circulate this message, forward it as much as possible, to your friends, local policians, newsletters, publish it on your site, etc... For more info (in French) :
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    I'm down for some political activism. Are we talking 19:55 GMT or local time ?

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    I just edited the initial post. Its local time, anything else is unworkable. Thanks for the support