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    Agree with leetymike. If a guys misses 2 waves I'm going around him. If I miss waves its time to go home.

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    I'd rather have that then what I hate which is just a whole bunch of people going for the same wave. Then when everyone is on that wave u can't do anything cuz there's about 4 other guys on the wave with you -_-

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    dropped in on a kid the other week, he had priority and paddled and missed the first two waves of the set.
    sorry brah, you better bring some suncure cause I'm going whether you make it or not at that point.

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    If someone pulls back off a wave on 2 consecutive sets, I dont give them any priority or courtesy the rest of the day. They should paddle down the beach and catch a shoulder, they shouldnt be in the line up.

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    let me add if you keep pushing deeper and are blowing set waves you're gonna get dropped in on as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by travy View Post
    let me add if you keep pushing deeper and are blowing set waves you're gonna get dropped in on as well.
    Nice to see all the chargers keeping it real. There are a few things you can do. One is not paddle near people and when people get near you, make them paddle battle to stay deeper than you. If they can' you won and they will have to take your scraps. This usually isn't as big of a deal as you would think because people that are less skilled and not going to be worried when you drop off on the deepest set waves every time. If they are skilled, they probably are going to paddle with you and take turns rotating on the sets. Perfectly acceptable.

    The problem is when there are sets so spread out and thin when they arrive that everyone is fighting for the same wave. Even if you spread out a little this can get problematic, but not really. You just have to be decent if you expect decency.

    If someone is deeper than me I will still prepare to drop as if they weren't even there. I won't take it so far as to jack up the lip with a drop and then pull out (although it happens occasionally) but if they don't make it a lot times you can drop. Or at least if they don't make it and you can't drop, they know immediately you're not happy because there's a good chance you could've made it if you fully committed.

    Anytime I have been in that situation, the people know right away they made a mistake. It's not like they don't have a right to try though, so if you're decent you just look frustrated but don't make a big deal. They won't even go for the next big one they will let you have it. In this way you never have a problem.

    Also if you are shredding and not swimming back and forth across the line up being an indecent ass (common paddle direction is against the current but some people like to do the long beach current raft ride), people will yield to you. I never have problems because if someone is ripping harder than me I give them the right away and smile while they bust the hell out of a lip. If someone is shredding less hard than me (more typical) than they will almost always yield. If there is some equal shredding going on then it's never an issue. Even if there's a little squabble when both parties see each other get a gnarly wave the mutual respect eradicates the pettiness from before.

    You get out what you put in, respect others and shred that wave nasty and you'll have the heinas waiting for you on the sand after all the other shredders yield the biggest set wave of the day, which you will get spit out of on the dry sand, your board gets dropped right next to your car to wait for you and you walk back to the car with the pack of ladies (she-wolves in seldom seens case) and life is good.

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    Well played nothendcanyon. While living in HI I had unknown guys show up a a relatively secrt spot. I sat deep, they sat deeper and started sneaking late back door air drops at 6'-8'. They got props and that's how it goes.they could take off deeper than me and I learned something that day.

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    Words of wisdom northendcanyon. I agree, and also employ the stance of ignoring the person who is deeper and paddle for the wave as if they are not there. When I see out of the corner of my eye that they took off, I pull back. If they pull back or eat it or go the other way, I am in perfect position to go. I have never gotten flack for this, and you are right, it lets people know that they shouldn't waste a good set wave.

    I have yet to be spit out of a tube and end up in the parking lot next to my car, but I guess that happens alot up in Belmar. When I win the lottery, look out boyz. The whole Florida clan is coming up to surf on my dime. Until then, chow!

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    I like getting in deep. . .. real deep

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    Anne Hathaway dropped in on me at Belmar. I talked some ****, and in response she pulled a knife, cut my leash, and punched me in the face. And I learned from it. We later robbed banks and seduced women together, and we named our adopted African daughter "Tofu". Thats how you claim your space in the line up.

    You svelt boy band physiqued brosephines can have your prime line up spots. Give me a mushy left shoulder and stay away from me. I'm that agitated dog with a bad eye and a limp that sits by a fire and growls at everything that comes near it.