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Thread: Glamorous?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Hey, what did you mean by, " I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees this?"

    Sees what?

    What, are you happy that other people know someone who has died from drugs?

    Yeah, um, knowing someone who has died from drugs isn't a real unique thing these days.
    read what I quoted you selfrighteous d!ckhead! he saw you are full of sh!t and so does everyone, KOOK.

    btw, I bet you surf like old people f_uck

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    I'm not getting in the middle of an argument regarding hurt feelings over lost friends, or differences in political ideologies, but Mr. Bear ain't no kook fellers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    read what I quoted you selfrighteous d!ckhead! he saw you are full of sh!t and so does everyone, KOOK.

    btw, I bet you surf like old people f_uck
    How am I full of sh!t? Yeah, Doug's the idiot savant of this site. No, but really, be specific, how am I full of ****? Everything I have said aboot this issue is correct and factual. Oh, am I lying aboot briefly mentioning that I have seen the affects of drugs and thuggery. Hey, look me up when you get home. I'll take you on a f'ing tour. Dude, put up or shut-up, you fem.

    Hey moron, this all started because Doug thought I was busting his balls because I mentioned the evils of alcohol(he mentioned he wanted to drink with his dead buddy in heaven.....ha you don't even believe in the afterlife)

    I like how you creep around and look for times when people are fighting with me......AND THEN YOU SWOOP IN !! LOL. You are f'ing sick, man. You creep around and look to bond with people when you see them arguing with me. Dude, that's pathetic.

    Now, MIS-13 you are so smart, right? Go back on this thread and SHOW specific examples of what I did wrong. And I mean before Doug went crazy because he ASSUMED something that wasn't even there. I wasn't busting on him wanting to drink with his dead addict friend in the afterlife. I was just making a point aboot how people glorify alcohol on here.

    Do you understand that? Huh, do you get that?

    Yeah, I surf like "old people." Good one, dude. This coming from an 50-year-old who injures himself every time he leaves his house. A 50-year-old who spends most of his time gardening. Ha ! Dude, you are a joke.

    An internet phony. I'm still waiting to hear something personal aboot you. Yeah, swoop on in on threads where people are being intimate. But you won't reveal anything aboot yourself because you are a fake.

    Hey, I'm going to semi-retire from here. So this is your big opportunity to show everybody how f'ing cool you are. I suggest you take advanatage of it.

    But yeah, no hard feelings to the multitudes but I'm trying to stop being so negative . And being on here, well that is just impossible. Someone's always has something up their arse or is trying to be snarky in order to gain attention. I'll be sending you a PM, tough guy. When you get back to Jersey let me know. You can insult me in person. Ha, yeah that might happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    I'm not getting in the middle of an argument regarding hurt feelings over lost friends, or differences in political ideologies, but Mr. Bear ain't no kook fellers.
    Seen, these people don't get it - there is no argument over lost friends. This whole thing started because I said something negative aboot alcohol. That's all that happened. I guess the alcohol industry has bigger influence than I thought.

    It just so happens Doug made a comment aboot drinking a beer in heaven, and of course, my rant aboot alcohol was all aboot Doug and his friend.......well according to the mind of Doug.

    I'm not some prude who looks down on druggies for God's sakes. I've been in Doug's shoes.........dozens of times.

    Totally ridiculous. But, you know, Seen, I have told you that I'm addicted to this site and I wanted to get off. Well, I reckon this may be the last straw.

    It's getting kind of strange that I have dudes following my every word, and just lying in wait to take a jab......or when they really get excited, they find a situation where they can bond with others who are pugging with me.

    It's like stalking without the binoculars, ladder and camo fatigues......

    Seen, carry it on. And you know where I am at. Plus, I want to send a PM to someone that will probably get me banned anyway.

    Ha ha I have such restraint these days, I deleted so much of this message. Hey, MIS-13 ......POP !!

    Ax and you shall receive....................

    I will leave y'all with a dog song:

    Golden fur.....
    furry and good
    does what he should
    leg humping dude....
    food savy shrewd
    he'll bite all of you.......

    Wow, that was deep.

    Ok,'s your big chance.

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    I've lost a few good friends and it seems pretty much everyone has these days.
    I got myself caught up in pills 5 years ago. It was scary to see how easily I got hooked and I didn't even know.
    My buddy gave me a roxy one night and I loved it. I asked him to get me more and that was it. He introduced me to his Dr. who was a complete crook (since went to jail). I went in gave him $100 and he gave me a script for 180 of them to help with my "back pain."
    I was taking them at work and it actually helped made me work harder. I didn't realize I was hooked until I ran out one day and got sick. I had no idea I was addicted until that point. I got worse from there. I was taking more and more and was running out earlier. My days were consumed with trying to get pills from anywhere I could. Every single day. I was lying to everyone everyday.
    My job, relationships with friends, my girl and family all suffered. It is impossible for me to be more selfish, but I always had an excuse.
    Eventually I came clean to my girl because I wanted to quit and I knew she'd freak when she found out. I got super sick for 5 days and that was it. She helped me while I was sick and once I was better told me she'd never do it again.
    Since I got better I got a promotion and am more successful than I ever expected, I got married and everything in my life is perfect (or as close as can be).
    I was not a dude people thought would be jammed up on dope. It is really scary to see how easily it takes over your life and before you know you're out of control.
    I lost friends that did not have the willpower to clean up and it kills me to know I was there "partying" with them instead of getting them help.
    I am not one to preach, but if you are jammed up quit. Your life will be better. If your not and you want to try some day, DON'T. You will regret.

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    the pills have a dangerous acceptability because doctors prescribe them for medical 'conditions,' and pot has its' dangers,too.there are people ruined by being burnt out.when drug deaths come to lily white suburbia like toms pond it becomes a big deal, but even seaside is nothing compared to's only news when there is not a shooting in Newark. every time you take a drink,smoke or pop a pill it could lead to never know when functioning,recreational user becomes addict losing it could happen to anyone,the next beer you or I pop open.

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    anyone get some PM's like this from a forum member?
    __________________________________________________ ________

    Hey tough guy, how do I get in touch with you?

    Where in Jersey are you from? Where are you going when you move back to Jersey?

    Huh? Let me know when you are back. You want to follow me around on the internet and poke the bear? Well, come poke me in person.

    Let me know how I can get in touch with you. Or at least let me know where and when you come back to New Jersey.

    Of course I just want to talk. This is in no way any type of threat as I am non-violent. I repeat this is no veiled threat.

    I just want to hear you talk smack to me in person....that's all.....
    __________________________________________________ _________________________________
    what a perturbed turd

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    Hey how 'bout them Mets...?!

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    They Fuggin Suck!

    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Hey how 'bout them Mets...?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    They Fuggin Suck!
    Exactly! Trying to take the thread intensity down a notch before Spicoli returns & opens the polls again.