There was a guy on here from somewhere in the mid-atlantic who was surfing every day for a year. Did he make it?

This is easier to do in consistent waves when you're on the right coast of course. Well... the right coast is the wrong coast and the left coast is the right coast.
So right is left and wrong is right.

Before I left the right (left) coast and moved to the right (wrong) coast I never managed more than 10 days in a row, which is pitiful. I knew guys who were going 70+ days, but that meant they were getting wet on the way to work or during lunch which I could never do. I'm also an addict so I was never able to hop in the water for two or three waves and then leave; once I'm wet I gotta stay a while. And my stats on the right (wrong) coast are worse. I've passed up righteous leftover rights for the right or wrong reason more than I care to admit, but I can see that if I somehow made it a month I'd go for 2 months. But 467 months?

Today marks the 14 thousand and 14th consecutive day of surfing for Dale Webster. That's crazy impressive... and tens of thousands of ridden waves, 30+ wetsuits, 30+ boards, gallons of piss, pounds of wax, and apparently, lots of stoke.

Here he is on January 1st, 2014 with his umpteenth Campbell Bros Bonzer pintail and magic brownies. Right on Dale!!! Hope you someday make it to the cover of Surfer mag.

"Dale Would Go."