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Thread: Cuba

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aguaholic View Post
    F-Cuba....Hahaha Yeah, i particularly don't care for Cuba either but heard the surf is awesome. I'm only interested in their waves.

    Barbados? Been there 5 times and going back in Feb.

    But seriously back on topic......If no one hear has actually been there to surf. How can you say there is no waves? I have picture proof there is massive waves there. Similar to PR is what i was told.

    And i plan to find out soon.
    The NW coast of Cuba should see pretty consistent NW swells from cold fronts moving through the Gulf. The seas here can get pretty solid, but likely crappy winds with the fronts moving through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beaner View Post
    transworld did an article on cuba a year or two ago. said it is mostly windswell they get in there. Looking at a map it looks like the ne portion of the island could get some gswell from the atlantic but it would be shadowed by the bahamas. You can make any wave look good in a photograph, just think of some of the shots you see from the gulf during hurricane season....looks sick but it's flat 90% of the time.

    Cuba would be a sick trip regardless of the waves.
    Yeah, Sept. thru Dec. looks like the only time there is decent surf.

    And, Like you said going there regardless would be a sick trip.
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