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    Wayne stop

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    I'm a Jew I don't need you

    I go to temple thank you very much guy

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    Well it appears that allot of strange things happened to this thread.

    Anyways, Wayne I have a question. What does the bible say about aliens or non earth beings visiting us. What about the ancient alien theories and how certain anomalies at the beginning of our modern human civilizations might have created sentiment to believe in a god or gods. When I say modern I'm refering to the times before Christ so it's only modern in that civilization exists and that people keep record.. I'm no expert in this stuff and merely am regurgitation what I learn through the history channel and various conspiracy readings.

    So my question for you is how do you explain the aliens. Thanks.

    If you can help convince me of no aliens then I might consider your god. But until then I believe in the universe.

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    Wayne you kook we know it was you that posted the link on MSW. What Would Judas Do? What are you mad you didn't get any converts here?

    And everyone else, all i hear is, whaaa not enough surf related discussion, whaaaa those guys are making fun of me. Like there's so much to learn about the f**king ocean on a message board. It's the ocean for f**k's sake, you learn about it by getting out there and experiencing it. A message board can't teach you wave selection, or timing, or tides. Or how to duckdive, or draw your line, or how to get barreled. Sure maybe dims and fins, but Jeesum Crow can't we have a little fun anywhere these days???

    Not directed at you at all Charles, I believe in aliens too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retracR View Post
    Sonfollowerssurf banned from the MSW! There is some biblical justice for ya Wayne.
    Wow. Didn't see that coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonfollowerssurf View Post
    It's cold and flat, but that will not stop Jesus/surfing/free surfboards/free surf camps on SI. Have a question...what is it that bothers the same people over and over about these posts? Just trying to get some ideas for 2014. I am not on this forum to annoy you. I get the same neg. feedback from the same people over, over ,over ,over >>>>>>>>>>>>>>over. FYI positive feedback is done through phone calls by the number I provided. In 2014 I would really like to see less vulgarity on these posts and more JESUS from all. Comprende!
    The answer to your question Wayne, you! The message is perfect. The messenger is a douchebag! Have a blessed Friday.
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