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Session of my life at "Salsa Bravo" in Puerto Viejo, CR. sick point break, drove all night from the pacific coast. I awoke to heaven. 15-17 ft faces, mid tide, just jacking up off the reef. Scared ****tless. but paddled out with two buddies of mine. Caught one, dropped in, and pulled into a barrel I would never forget. It just dumped over my head and i took off. With a few locals hootin and only surreal palm trees in my vision, i couldnt help but enjoi the moment of pure legal extasy. Got caught inside after a few more, the reef left its mark but I will never forget that first barrel.

ahhh got me thinking about it! and no damn waves!
Salsa is ridiculous. I was there a long time ago, but i still think its the best wave I've ever seen in person. Like Backdoor, but more perfect.

And outside of the wave, the town of Puerto Veijo is insane!!