. Right now I have this 5'10vert Lib tech water board I been fooling around with . This thing is pretty rugged . I have had this thing get smashed over some shore break in nc this last fall. Not even a scratch . I love to kite surf on it because of the feel of it. But I have been trying to get use to surfing it , but It has a different feel to it . Seems to be loose on the front foot when driving forward . I have changed out the fins , moved them back and forward( option on this board). Put Fcs fins in there . It almost has the same rails , rocker and shape as an Al Merrick proton . Other than the contour of the bottom . The proton has single to double , were as the lib has no concave at all .
So my question is . So having no concave on this board has loosened it up compared to having concave ?