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Thread: goodbye

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    Thanks for the explanation. I too like how you called shred "it".

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    The Shred that shall not be mentioned is of almost legendary status. He throws mad weight, rocks mad whips, shots tha sh!t out of da pier and bangs hindus like nobody's business.

    Vote Rcarter in 2014 Because if we all work together we can all hate everybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    You could probably conduct a hunt on the SI Forum. The creature that you're seeking is the one & only ... njshredmachine

    It had a short-lived tenure here, but the shredmachine gifted the Forum with a multitude of shred-only expressions; he/it had a certain unique wacked out way of viewing his world, which it felt compelled to share, here, when he/it was able to wriggle out of parental control over his computer.

    The Seen believes that the machine was an actual adult; my vote is that the shred was 12, but well-versed in modern cultural nutbag behavior.

    Regardless of who, or what, the njshredmachine really was, it left an enduring, if not always endearing, legacy behind for all to utilize in everyday posts.
    Well put sir, well put.