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Thread: GoPro Noob

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    Oct 2012
    These guys have it figured out...

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    May 2013
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    Do GoPros turn off when they get to cold? I took mine out today with the rigged up head strap. after maybe a half hour I heard a beeping. Didn't really care. when I got out I noticed the GoPro was off and was a solid block of ice. I should of gotten a few waves on it though ill post it up after work today or somthing

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    Dec 2013
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    Ok yeah you can put a go pro on your board if your doing that. I mean, yewwww

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    I'm about to set one up on my board.

    I'm using it more to see if I'm progressing with my pop. I think the pop up is probably one of the most important aspects of surfing. Between the timing, the proper foot placement, and speed, the pop up sets you up for the rest of your wave, and if you screw it up... you're SCREWED.

    Anyway, I'll probably use mine to check to see if I'm getting the pop up downnnnn dawg.

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    You can mount it on your d!ck too.

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    I think getting a Go Pro is a great idea for beginners. More than simply helping you with your form, they work as great conversation piece with experienced surfers you may rubbing shoulders with out in the lineup. Nothing can make you look more wired into the latest wave of the commercialization of surfing like Go Pro technology. It's very 2014, and it will help you become a more advanced surfer without having to log in all those hours/days/weeks/months/years of trial & error like they had to in the old days. They also work really well at lesser-known breaks & secret spots