I hate to say it, but this Forum has been on a particularly hate-filled, downward spiral into the crapper for the past couple months. Somethings you just don't say or write to other people - not even as a joke. This last thread and the posts were among the worst. Disrespect for our wounded vets and people's mothers is about as low as you can go. I certainly don't want to associate with those who behave in such a manner.

There are too many here who become unhinged and out of control, spewing forth insults of the lowest sort if they disagree with another person's opinions or beliefs. "Don't take what people say on this forum seriously," is a common line but rarely demonstrated.

I got some good info, advice, and entertainment from this forum. Even met several members in person, bought a couple boards and got some wetsuit gear. But the overriding tone here has become too negative and disrespectful that I need take a break from it.