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    Quote Originally Posted by TunerFish View Post
    Nice try you Bin Laden sympathizer. Swellinfo shouldn't have to put up with an internet terrorist, Al Qaeda style hate monger.

    Mellow a little. Smoke a bowl or something. Give peace a chance

    Free Swellinfo
    not sure what you meant by that, we killed bin laden

    just wait till yankee logs on and sees this, you have no idea whats coming to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by pimpintraining View Post
    not sure what you meant by that, we killed bin laden

    just wait till yankee logs on and sees this, you have no idea whats coming to you
    Quit being a tag-a-long. Be your own person. after 16 posts your apart of Rcarters 'family' as he puts it?

    What exactly draws you to him. All of his posts, which he took down, are hate driven. And not in a loving manner.

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    Is this finally the end of the swellinfo forum???


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    Quote Originally Posted by retracR View Post
    First Micah does not have to "put up" with anything, it's his site and if he wanted he could warn/ban any member he damn well pleased. If you did some searching through the past year of threads you would see that arguing is what we do here, kind of like a family but at the end of the day we are all fellow SI tribe members. Again until you showed up there had not been any bans or other issues and everyone seemed to get along fine.

    Second referencing the KKK, terrorist groups and using marijuana are offensive to some people so watch what you say on our G rated forum.
    Woah I agree with most of that first paragraph and have said much of the same about the forum. But G-rated? C'mon brah. I'll take that as you being facetious. Plus, one of the longest and most revered threads ever here is titled "bongs" and remains faithfully posted to today. I'm not even a pothead Focker but i know that hilarious thread to be quite prestigious at this cyber break.

    It's the freakin weekend braddahs. If you're not charging waves then hit up an indoor skate park or mountain. If you don't skate or board then it's likely that you take a shine to good tail, so go charge a fine wahine and celebrate the 6th and 7th days. Enough of this EMO bullcrap. No one else here is allowed to talk about their feelings anymore unless they have both an understanding of them and control over them.

    Stoke on braddahs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by retracR View Post
    You want to love your fellow forum members? Go get a windowless van with Wayne! Also I checked Rcarters posts and the threads and the only one I saw deleted was a thread the admin deleted. I did however notice a member quoted a post of yours that still shows up in his quote but was oddly deleted by you? What up with that? Something to hide? I don't get your whole trip man, you and JXL or whatever his name is were angry some folks from here were going to come to your site and start some "trouble". Then you two come here to try and remake SI into what you think it should be? Who is the Al Qaeda, KKK loving dictator now? Hey pot have you met the kettle, you are both black.
    your really running with this British thing huh? Kinda desperate don't you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by retracR View Post
    Is not MSW overrun with the Brits? Do you not live in New ENGLAND?
    Great. What's your point?

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    You dudes crack me up... when you think about why there is no love or too much hate or not enough surf talk or how the forecast sucks just remember the wise words spoken many moons ago by a swellie veteran; "NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING."