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    2014 Volcom Pipe Pro

    Waiting period starts tomorrow, Sunday the 26th and goes until the 7th.

    A purple people eater is a day away but there's lots of water moving around with breezy conditions expected until mid-week.

    Should be a good show...

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    stoked for it. one of my favorite events of the year. they will have plenty of swell. they should just pick and choose the best days

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    That's 2 straight weeks of solid swell... Crazy

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    Look'n awesome!

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    This event is gonna be fun..

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    only thing New Jersey lacks. We define consistency to one swell a week. Hawaiians go two days with waves and go crazy. Even on the rediculously huge days on NS south shore breaks and is fun.

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    that's the perks of being on an island in the middle pacific.that also means cali is going to be epic too.i think the volcom pipe is better than the pipemasters because they always run the pipemasters too early or too late,and every year,every fukin year I could remember,going back atleast 6 yrs,theres been a super pefect huge swell everytime they end the contest.everytime.and usually volcom picks it up and put on a better show.the only thing that sucks with watchin pipe feeds is its very inconsistent.u see the highlight clips and u think man that place is perfect,but its usually only a few good waves ridden each day.that black Friday swell tho,that's the best I can remember for them.its like their doomsday swell

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    I agree with you Cepriano. The Volcom contest is better then the PipeMasters. Better judging with no WCT drama on the line and they always have luck with swell timing

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    I always watch the volcom pro from my computer since I'm so far down the actual event. I can go to the Belmar pro tho!

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    *from ugh spellcheck