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Best first post, period. It's nice to hear coming from an objective standpoint. sisurfdog, Fl surfdog, don't worry dudes, I'm not going anywhere. Just gonna get caught up at work and lurk till this blows over. Slahdog and yankee, those last couple posts represent the brilliance that takes place here. I've said this before, this forum and the only other one I've been involved with have convinced me that some of the greatest minds of our generation are behind the keys on these types of virtual spaces...just when I think I'm pretty well read, quotes get dropped that I've never seen before.

Brew, as a fellow man of science(a slightly different kind but still), always enjoy what you have to say as well, even though you guys give Uncle chich a hard time.

Chavez, props, you represent the spirit this country was founded on. It's an honor to have a true outlaw among us. And good job yesterday trying to breathe life back into this forum.

Lee, I'm with you on agreeing with what Roy said(for once), despite his shameless self promotion.

Maybe it's b/c I don't socialize much(I'm kind of a weirdo), but I feel like I know some of you guys better than the humans I deal with in real life, and value our disussions more than those I have with friends who just are not on the same wavelength as I am. So, thank you.

And Bear, you're the man. You represent the collective subconscience of what brings us all to these physical manifestations of Earth energy that we ride. That we have no choice but to ride. Is there any other way?

One more thing, props to Doug and you guys who care about wolves and other predators.
This is just a tremendous post. Surfing drives us all, and The Seen drives the bus righteously. Great stuff, Seen.