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Roy's threads and posts are always surf related and it's a very different perspective. We need this around here. The surf indistry needs this too. I vomit when I see a kid who just buys a short board but is a kook and can't even read a beach break. It's god damn disappointing really. The surf industry has kids by the balls with the Kelly slater "shreddah" cheese grater image. It's disgusting and tasteless. Not to mention the affordable private label boards that are well priced come from a cnc machine in Taiwan then it's dinged up by a kook for a few summers maybe more but then it goes into land fill where it resists composting.

More Roy, Tom wegner, grain surfboards, and types like that need to prevail. Wood is good. Set Roy free.
Oh please. Roy is not special. There are thousands of excellent shapers in the world building wooden sticks. You don't see them spamming the site. His purpose here was purely to get his name and product some attention. Why else would a person come back over and over again to a forum he knows doesn't want him?